• Akhmadiyah Saputra dan Balqis STIQ Isy karima


Now humans experience various aspects of life such as economics, politics, social, law, education, and so on and there are many more various consequences of a materialistic view of life, which has damaged their faith and morals. Therefore, we need to know how the content of surah al-'Asr is. This study aims to find out how Al-Maraghi controls the control of surah al-'Asr in Tafsir Al-Maraghi, as well as steps to avoid losing people in Tafsir Al-Maraghi. This research is a library research, using the primary data source is the Tafsir al-Maraghi Book by Imam Ahmad Musthafa al-Maraghi.

While the secondary data sources are books of commentary and other books that are related to the discussion of this research. This study uses the method of documentation and thematic method (maudhu'i) as data analysis techniques.

The results show that Allah Ta'ala has sworn with time, which oath has more attention, namely there are people who are losers except, firstly those who live by believing, believing in the world because they want Allah. secondly practicing mutual assistance in accordance with Islamic teachings, third giving correct advice according to religious guidance, fourth advising each other to be patient in dealing with problems. This thesis hopes that in the future there will be authors who complete this research.


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