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AL-QUR’AN DAN SAINS TEKNOLOGI ( Pendekatan Historis dan Teologis)

At glance this title confronts Al Qur’an with science and technology. The truth does not imply that as Al Qur’an from the very beginning urges muslim to develop  the two. The problem is why the fact shows the otherwise, that moslem are left behind in science and technology.

            To know for sure,  it needs to trace back using historical and theological approaches. The first used to find historical facts about moslem’s concern on science and technology and their contibution in developing these fields. The later deals with Qur’anic verses related to both science and technology,  aimed at deciding the position or the Qur’an in this regard.

            The result reveals that moslems in classical period becoming pioneer in developing science and technolgy with its various branches. They felt confident to learn from the science and philosophy from Greek, translated and made adaption as well as developed them. ALQur’an turned out to be inspiring, motivating and guiding factor that made moslems lead the civilization for more than six ceturies.

            Referring to  those above facts, if moslems today are left behind in science and technology,  nothing to do with Al Qur’an and Hadits. The problem is their attitude towards Al Qur’an in additon to internal and external factors. To get back superiority, moslems should learn from leading moslem scientists and follow their steps in developing science and technology.

Published: 2017-09-27
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